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NFL SUNDAY TICKET: Watch More Football with DIRECTV

Football fans, it doesn’t get better than this! NFL SUNDAY TICKET, exclusive to DIRECTV, has changed the game.1 Forget about the days when you struggled to watch all of your favorite games on Sunday. Now, you can use DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET to see all of the games that you want to watch. It’s not a dream! NFL SUNDAY TICKET gives you every out-of-market game every Sunday of the season.2

You can’t get it anywhere else. Football fans all across the country are experiencing just how valuable NFL SUNDAY TICKET is when it’s been added on to their DIRECTV packages. The more games, the better!

Super Football Sunday

There’s something special about Sundays. You wake up and focus on one thing, football!

DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET gives you the chance to make your football dreams come true. Kick back and watch all of your favorite teams score touchdown after touchdown. Invite some friends over and keep track of your favorite fantasy players. The possibilities are endless.

Take Your Home Teams With You

Sometimes, life takes you to unpredictable places. When you’re attached to your home team, it makes moving even that much more difficult. But with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you never have to worry about not being able to see your favorite teams play.

Don’t worry about having far-away affiliates or regional sports channels in your television package again. With DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you can watch the home team no matter where you are. It’s as easy adding this special programming addition on to one of the DIRECTV packages that you already are already interested in. Whether you have chosen a smaller package that fits within your budget or the biggest package offered, NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a valuable add-on for any football fan.

Watch NFL When You Want It!

Even the biggest fantasy football fans have to deal with real life scheduling issues. If you don’t have DIRECTV  NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you’ve probably completely missed some of your favorite games before. That’s not how it has to be.

With NFL SUNDAY TICKET you have options. Use the NFL SUNDAY TICKET On Demand channel to watch games that you were too busy to watch.3 It also works for games that you saw live, but want to see again and again!

Make Fantasy Football Bigger and Better

DIRECTV packages with NFL SUNDAY TICKET make fantasy football better than you’ve ever experienced. With Player Tracker, you can choose the players that you want to keep track of and see all of their latest stats.3

Plus, with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, you can watch multiple games at the same time on the Game Mix Channel. With the ability to view up to eight games on your screen at the same time, complete with scoreboard and clock for each, you can keep track of all of your fantasy players and the games they are playing.4

Get More Football with DIRECTV Packages Today!

It’s hard to imagine that you’d need more reasons to get DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET in your home. It’s perfect for any football lover! Make the most out of football season and see what you’ve been missing out on. Forget about picking between the games that you want to watch and start watching every game, every Sunday with DIRECTV!




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